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The State of Texas Assessment of Academic Readiness (STAAR) helps to ensure that Texas students are competitive with other students both nationally and internationally.  One important function of STAAR is to gauge how well school and teachers are preparing their students academically.  The test is specifically designed to measure individual student progress in relation to content that is tied to the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS).  Every STAAR question is directly aligned to the TEKS currently in effect for the course being assessed.  All students enrolled in Texas public school and charter schools are expected to participate in the Texas Assessment Program.  Texas high school students, regardless of enrolled grade level, are required to take and pass five end-of-course assessments as part of their graduation requirements.  Those five tests include:  Algebra 1, English 1, English 2, Biology, and US History.  All of these tests are administered online.

For information/resources relating to STAAR / EOC testing:



APRIL 9 - STAAR English1

APRIL 9 - STAAR English 2

APRIL 10-12: STAAR English 1 & English 2 Make-ups for Absenteeism

APRIL 23- STAAR US History

APRIL 23 - STAAR Algebra 1

APRIL 24 - STAAR Biology


The Texas Legislature signed into action House Bill 4545 in June of 2021, which provides additional learning opportunities for students who did not meet passing standards on the STAAR or EOC exam. If your student does not meet the passing standard on one or more of the STAAR or EOC tests they will be required to attend summer tutorials in order to prepare for the summer 2022 STAAR retesting dates. The additional learning opportunities are mandatory


Summer tutorials will begin the week after graduation and will continue until the retesting dates below. If your child has to re-test in the summer, a more detailed informational letter will be mailed out in late May or as soon as spring results are available.


June 18, 2024 – STAAR English 1

June 19, 2024 – STAAR Algebra 1, US History, Biology

June 20, 2024 – STAAR English 2


Follow these steps for an easy way to access your child’s STAAR Scores:
Dates available:
August 16, 2023 for Grades 3-8*
June 30, 2023 for April & May EOC*
*Dates Subject to Change
STEP 1: Log into your Skyward Family Access account.
STEP 2: If you have more than one child, choose the child whose scores you’d like to review.
STEP 3: From the top right hand corner, select the “ District Links”. (see diagram below)
STEP 4: Select Cambium State Assessment from the dropdown box.
STEP 5: Your child’s STAAR Testing Information will come up on the screen.
When you click the link - Cambium State Assessment (Name) - you will see the Student Portal for your
The Student Portal offers parents and students:
● a history of their scores for each assessment taken in the past 10 years
● detailed results for each assessment taken
● ability to view all released test questions and how they performed
● resources to assist parents in understanding their child’s score, understanding the STAAR test,
how to help their child prepare, and FAQs.
STAAR Score Release Dates
Test Administration Preliminary Results in Portal/Final Results in Portal
April & May STAAR: Grades 3-8 August 16
April & May STAAR EOC: English 1 & 2, Algebra 1, Biology, US History June 30 Preliminary August 11
STAAR Alternate 2 - Grades 3-8 August 3
STAAR Alternate 2 - EOC June 21 Preliminary July 12
TELPAS: Grades K- 12 July 5 Preliminary July 28
*If you have questions about your child’s STAAR scores, please contact the child’s campus for more information.