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Allison Williamson - Academic Guidance Counselor for 10th & 12th Grades
Paige Childers - Academic Guidance Counselor for 9th & 11th Grades



(Click on the "College Day Form" above to read about taking a college day (Jr/Sr) and following all of the steps required to have this NOT count against your exemptions.)


College Visit: Juniors and Seniors may be granted up to 2 college days to visit a campus.  College days cannot be taken in December, the week prior to Spring Break, nor in May.  This absence is excused and will NOT count against your exemptions as long as you follow all the steps.  In order to take a college day and for the absence NOT count against exemptions, you must complete and return the College Day sheet ONE WEEK prior to the college day.  If you are on the failure list at any time with an “I” or a grade of “69” or less or if you have failed a semester course your senior year, you cannot take an excused college day.  Be sure to bring a note from the college you visited to excuse the absence and for it NOT to count against exemptions.  Forms are located on the “RACK” in the high school office outside the College and Career Center.


Looking for a volunteer opportunity? - The Longview Public Library is always looking for volunteers, age 13-18, to help in the Youth Department.  Students may help with shelving materials, tidying the department, or help with programs for younger children.  No experience is necessary and we are more than happy to train volunteers.  We offer flexible hours and can work with the student’s schedule.  Also, we are happy to prepare recommendations for jobs, colleges or scholarships for our volunteers.  If you are interested, contact Monica Wood, the Youth Services Supervisor at (903)237-1027.


http://www.how-to-study.com/   This site helps develop effective study skills.

www.ets.org  The Educational Testing Service Network oversees the actual testing of several national tests such as Advanced Placement.  You can learn more about the tests as well as access practice tests and other test preparation tools.