Academic UIL


2023-2024 Coaching Staff 
Computer Science
Current Events - Emmie Drueckhammer
Journalism (News, Headline, Feature, Copy Editing, Editorial)
Literary Criticism - Reagan Wells
Math (Calculator, Mathematics, Number Sense)
One-Act Play - Christian Fennell
Oral Interpretation (Prose, Poetry) - Christian Fennell
Ready Writing - Reagan Wells
Social Studies - Emmie Drueckhammer
Spelling & Vocabulary - D'Lee Reagh
Speech & Debate (Extemp. Speaking, Debate, Congress) - Susan Curtis

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Regional Results 2022
- Accounting - 2nd place team, 5th place Landon Creel, Sofia Villareal, Matt Prater, Carson Coleman
- Calculator Applications - 1st place team*, 1st place Ashton Thomas, 3rd place Bryce Socoteanu, 4th place Carter Boyd, Elijah Mayhew 
- Mathematics - 1st place team*, 1st place Ashton Thomas, 3rd place Jace Jones, 5th place Bryce Socoteanu,  Carter Boyd
- Number Sense - 1st place team*, 1st place Jace Jones, 2nd place Ashton Thomas, 3rd place Gersain Seanz,  6th place Easton Ballard
*Advancing to State
District Results 2022
- Accounting - 1st place team*, 1st place Sofia Villareal, 2nd place Carson Coleman, 3rd place Landon Creel, 4th place Matt Prater
- Calculator Applications - 1st place team*, 1st place Ashton Thomas, 2nd place Carter Boyd, 3rd place Elijah Mayhew, 4th place Bryce Socoteanu
- Current Issues - 5th place Brandt Weisinger, 6th place Michael Coggins
- Computer Science - 5th place Ashton Thomas
- Copy Editing - 4th place Kaylee Mayfield, 6th place Brooke Tompkins
- Editorial Writing - 5th place Keaton Croom
- Informative Speaking - 5th place Jaden Marsolan
- Lincoln Douglas Debate - 5th place Jaden Marsolan
- Mathematics - 1st place team*, 1st place Ashton Thomas, 2nd place Jace Jones, 3rd place Gersain Seanz, 4th place Carter Boyd
- Number Sense - 1st place team*, 1st place Ashton Thomas, 2nd place Gersain Seanz, 3rd place Jace Jones, 4th place Easton Ballard
- News Writing - 3rd place Micah Socoteanu*
- Ready Writing - 5th place Allison Robinson
- Science - 2nd place team*, 5th place Ashton Thomas
- Spelling -2nd place team, 6th place Gersain Seanz
- Cross Examination Debate - 3rd place Elizabeth Cockrell and Angelina Vega
- One- Act play - Advancing Play from district* 
Point total - 367 points - Overall Runner-Up 
*Advancing to next level of competition

State Academic UIL Results 2021
Math TeamCalculator Champion
Calculator - State Champions
David McFatridge - Individual State Champion
4th, Ashton Thomas
10th, Jacob Kimbrough
12th, Jacob Gerfen

Mathematics - 2nd place team
3rd, Ashton Thomas
6th, David McFatridge
Jacob Gerfen
Jace Jones

Number Sense - 3rd Place Team
5th, Ashton Thomas
David McFatridge
Easton Ballard
Marshall Bodenheimer
Regional Academic UIL Results 2021
Accounting: 2nd place team
Jacob Gerfen, 4th
Taylor Green
Sofia Villarreal
Kyle White
Calculator Applications: 1st place team
David McFatridge, 1st
Ashton Thomas, 2nd
Jacob Kimbrough, 3rd
Jacob Gerfen, 4th
Mathematics: 1st place team
Ashton Thomas, 1st
David McFatridge, 2nd
Jace Jones, 3rd
Jacob Gerfen, 6th
Number Sense: 1st place team
Ashton Thomas, 1st
David McFatridge, 2nd
Marshall Bodenheimer, 3rd
Easton Ballard, 4th
Academics Spring Meet 2021
Conference 4A District 16
Event Individual Place Name
Accounting   1 Jacob Gerfen
1st place Team   2 Taylor Green
    3 Sofia Villarreal
Calculator Applications   1 David McFatridge
1st place Team   2 Ashton Thomas
    3 Jacob Gerfen
    4 Jacob Kimbrough
Computer Applications   6 Luisa Truillo-Soto
Copy Editing   2 Julya Socoteanu
    3 Kennedy Croom
Feature Writing   5 Dylan Murdick
Literary Criticism   2 Brooke Ratcliff
2nd place Team    
Mathematics   1 Ashton Thomas
1st place Team   2 David McFatridge
    3 Jace Jones
    4 Jacob Gerfen
Number Sense   1 Easton Ballard
1st place Team   2 David McFatridge
    3 Ashton Thomas
    5 Jace Jones
News Writing 6 Julya Socoteanu
Ready Writing 1 Bailey Ratcliff
   3 Kaden Miller
Biology   1 Marshall Bodenheimer
Science   3 Marshall Bodenheimer
2nd place Team    
Social Studies   4 Christian Jetter
2nd place Team    

FTC Robotics

Robotics State Champs: Jakob Zaricor, Austin Jones,
Captain Jayden Tipton, Kaleb Saxon and Madison Cook



3rd Place State Team: Austin Martin, Kalen Barlow,
Adriana Solis, Sponsor - Mrs. Jordan, Peyton White
3rd Individual medalist: Adriana Solis


2019 Academic UIL Regional Qualifiers


Academic Spring Meet 2019 - Conference 4A District 16 Champions!




Accounting, 1st place team   1 Adriana Solis
    2 Peyton White
    3 Kalen Barlow
    5 Austin Martin
Calculator Applications, 1st place team   1 Jacob Kimbrough
    2 David McFatridge
    3 Ashton Thomas
    4 Jacob Gerfen
Current Issues, 2nd place team   5 Bryce Wallace
Computer Applications   4 Faith Meeks
    5 Peyton White
    6 Lizzie Paull
Copy Editing   4 Julya Socoteanu
Informative Speaking   4 Nick Vadasz
Lincoln Douglas Debate   3 Micah Moore
    6 Tatiana Castanos
Literary Criticism   5 Kaitryn Johnson
Mathematics, 1st place team   1 Ashton Thomas
    2 David McFatridge
    3 Nick Vadasz
    5 Marshall Bodenheimer
Number Sense, 1st place team   1 Easton Ballard
    2 Nick Vadasz
    3 Marshall Bodenheimer
    4 Ashton Thomas
News Writing   5 Julya Socoteanu
Ready Writing   5 Bailey Ratclif
Chemistry   1 Nick Vadasz
    1 Colton Brownlee
Science, 1st place team   2 Colton Brownlee
    3 Nick Vadasz
    4 Ashton Thomas
    5 Carson Barnhill
    6 David McFatridge
Social Studies, 2nd place team   3 Alex Caron
    5 Justin Hickerson
    6 Bryce Wallace
Spelling and Vocabulary, 1st place team   2 Harrison Pecot
    5 Aaron Milam
Cross Examination Debate   2 Spring Hill H S Longview Team 3
    3 Spring Hill H S Longview Team 2
    4 Spring Hill H S Longview Team 1
One Act Play   5 Spring Hill H S Longview