Academic UIL


2021-2022 Coaching Staff 
Accounting, Laura Jordan
Computer Applications, Brent Simmons
Computer Science, Debby Bass 
Current Events, Charlotte Kincy
Journalism (News, Headline, Feature, Copy Editing, Editorial),
Literary Criticism,
Math (Calculator, Mathematics, Number Sense), Debby Bass 
One-Act Play, Tim Bearden 
Oral Interpretation (Prose, Poetry), Jennifer White
Ready Writing, Emmie Drueckhammer
Robotics, Debby Bass
Science, Lisa Gathright 
Social Studies, Charlotte Kincy
Spelling & Vocabulary,
Speech & Debate (Extemp. Speaking, Debate, Congress), Jennifer White

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Regional Results 2022
- Accounting - 2nd place team, 5th place Landon Creel, Sofia Villareal, Matt Prater, Carson Coleman
- Calculator Applications - 1st place team*, 1st place Ashton Thomas, 3rd place Bryce Socoteanu, 4th place Carter Boyd, Elijah Mayhew 
- Mathematics - 1st place team*, 1st place Ashton Thomas, 3rd place Jace Jones, 5th place Bryce Socoteanu,  Carter Boyd
- Number Sense - 1st place team*, 1st place Jace Jones, 2nd place Ashton Thomas, 3rd place Gersain Seanz,  6th place Easton Ballard
*Advancing to State
District Results 2022
- Accounting - 1st place team*, 1st place Sofia Villareal, 2nd place Carson Coleman, 3rd place Landon Creel, 4th place Matt Prater
- Calculator Applications - 1st place team*, 1st place Ashton Thomas, 2nd place Carter Boyd, 3rd place Elijah Mayhew, 4th place Bryce Socoteanu
- Current Issues - 5th place Brandt Weisinger, 6th place Michael Coggins
- Computer Science - 5th place Ashton Thomas
- Copy Editing - 4th place Kaylee Mayfield, 6th place Brooke Tompkins
- Editorial Writing - 5th place Keaton Croom
- Informative Speaking - 5th place Jaden Marsolan
- Lincoln Douglas Debate - 5th place Jaden Marsolan
- Mathematics - 1st place team*, 1st place Ashton Thomas, 2nd place Jace Jones, 3rd place Gersain Seanz, 4th place Carter Boyd
- Number Sense - 1st place team*, 1st place Ashton Thomas, 2nd place Gersain Seanz, 3rd place Jace Jones, 4th place Easton Ballard
- News Writing - 3rd place Micah Socoteanu*
- Ready Writing - 5th place Allison Robinson
- Science - 2nd place team*, 5th place Ashton Thomas
- Spelling -2nd place team, 6th place Gersain Seanz
- Cross Examination Debate - 3rd place Elizabeth Cockrell and Angelina Vega
- One- Act play - Advancing Play from district* 
Point total - 367 points - Overall Runner-Up 
*Advancing to next level of competition

State Academic UIL Results 2021
Math TeamCalculator Champion
Calculator - State Champions
David McFatridge - Individual State Champion
4th, Ashton Thomas
10th, Jacob Kimbrough
12th, Jacob Gerfen

Mathematics - 2nd place team
3rd, Ashton Thomas
6th, David McFatridge
Jacob Gerfen
Jace Jones

Number Sense - 3rd Place Team
5th, Ashton Thomas
David McFatridge
Easton Ballard
Marshall Bodenheimer
Regional Academic UIL Results 2021
Accounting: 2nd place team
Jacob Gerfen, 4th
Taylor Green
Sofia Villarreal
Kyle White
Calculator Applications: 1st place team
David McFatridge, 1st
Ashton Thomas, 2nd
Jacob Kimbrough, 3rd
Jacob Gerfen, 4th
Mathematics: 1st place team
Ashton Thomas, 1st
David McFatridge, 2nd
Jace Jones, 3rd
Jacob Gerfen, 6th
Number Sense: 1st place team
Ashton Thomas, 1st
David McFatridge, 2nd
Marshall Bodenheimer, 3rd
Easton Ballard, 4th
Academics Spring Meet 2021
Conference 4A District 16
Event Individual Place Name
Accounting   1 Jacob Gerfen
1st place Team   2 Taylor Green
    3 Sofia Villarreal
Calculator Applications   1 David McFatridge
1st place Team   2 Ashton Thomas
    3 Jacob Gerfen
    4 Jacob Kimbrough
Computer Applications   6 Luisa Truillo-Soto
Copy Editing   2 Julya Socoteanu
    3 Kennedy Croom
Feature Writing   5 Dylan Murdick
Literary Criticism   2 Brooke Ratcliff
2nd place Team    
Mathematics   1 Ashton Thomas
1st place Team   2 David McFatridge
    3 Jace Jones
    4 Jacob Gerfen
Number Sense   1 Easton Ballard
1st place Team   2 David McFatridge
    3 Ashton Thomas
    5 Jace Jones
News Writing 6 Julya Socoteanu
Ready Writing 1 Bailey Ratcliff
   3 Kaden Miller
Biology   1 Marshall Bodenheimer
Science   3 Marshall Bodenheimer
2nd place Team    
Social Studies   4 Christian Jetter
2nd place Team    

FTC Robotics

Robotics State Champs: Jakob Zaricor, Austin Jones,
Captain Jayden Tipton, Kaleb Saxon and Madison Cook



3rd Place State Team: Austin Martin, Kalen Barlow,
Adriana Solis, Sponsor - Mrs. Jordan, Peyton White
3rd Individual medalist: Adriana Solis


2019 Academic UIL Regional Qualifiers


Academic Spring Meet 2019 - Conference 4A District 16 Champions!




Accounting, 1st place team   1 Adriana Solis
    2 Peyton White
    3 Kalen Barlow
    5 Austin Martin
Calculator Applications, 1st place team   1 Jacob Kimbrough
    2 David McFatridge
    3 Ashton Thomas
    4 Jacob Gerfen
Current Issues, 2nd place team   5 Bryce Wallace
Computer Applications   4 Faith Meeks
    5 Peyton White
    6 Lizzie Paull
Copy Editing   4 Julya Socoteanu
Informative Speaking   4 Nick Vadasz
Lincoln Douglas Debate   3 Micah Moore
    6 Tatiana Castanos
Literary Criticism   5 Kaitryn Johnson
Mathematics, 1st place team   1 Ashton Thomas
    2 David McFatridge
    3 Nick Vadasz
    5 Marshall Bodenheimer
Number Sense, 1st place team   1 Easton Ballard
    2 Nick Vadasz
    3 Marshall Bodenheimer
    4 Ashton Thomas
News Writing   5 Julya Socoteanu
Ready Writing   5 Bailey Ratclif
Chemistry   1 Nick Vadasz
    1 Colton Brownlee
Science, 1st place team   2 Colton Brownlee
    3 Nick Vadasz
    4 Ashton Thomas
    5 Carson Barnhill
    6 David McFatridge
Social Studies, 2nd place team   3 Alex Caron
    5 Justin Hickerson
    6 Bryce Wallace
Spelling and Vocabulary, 1st place team   2 Harrison Pecot
    5 Aaron Milam
Cross Examination Debate   2 Spring Hill H S Longview Team 3
    3 Spring Hill H S Longview Team 2
    4 Spring Hill H S Longview Team 1
One Act Play   5 Spring Hill H S Longview