East Texas College Night Information:
While this year’s Greater East Texas College Night looks very different in the virtual world, it will actually
provide students access to many more colleges and universities than previous years. TACRAO’s partnership
with GoToCollegeFairs has built a virtual platform that is hosting over 300 virtual “booths” for colleges and
universities all over the nation. These booths contain videos, quick links, and downloadable material for each
college/university. Students will also have the ability to start live chats with college representatives. Below you
will find the link to register for/access this platform.
TACRAO College Fair Registration Link:  https://falltacrao.swoogo.com/2020virtual/664374
Although our specific college fair is scheduled for TBD 6:30 p.m. to 8 p.m., this
virtual platform can be accessed at any time, night or day. Keep in mind, though, that college representatives are
typically only available during designated hours for live chats. Registration is already open, and I am including
reference material below from GoToCollegeFairs to help explain the registration process for students and



(Click on the "College Day Form" above to read about taking a college day (Jr/Sr) and following all of the steps required to have this NOT count against your exemptions.)

www.campustours.com - This is an interactive virtual tours and campus maps website.

http://cset.sp.utoledo.edu/twoyrcol.html - Provides a list of all two year colleges by state.


College Visit: Juniors and Seniors may be granted up to 2 college days to visit a campus.  College days cannot be taken in December, the week prior to Spring Break, nor in May.  This absence is excused and will NOT count against your exemptions.  In order to take a college day, you must complete and return the College Day sheet ONE WEEK prior to the college day.  If you are on the failure list at any time with an “I” or a grade of “69” or less or if you have failed a semester course your senior year, you cannot take an excused college day.  Be sure to bring a note from the college you visited to excuse the absence.  Forms are located on the “RACK” in the high school office outside the College and Career Center.

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TEXAS COMMON APPLICATION for FRESHMAN ADMISSION - www.applytexas.org – is the website used by most 2 year and 4 year public schools in Texas.  It is recommended that you create your account in early August and begin entering your information so that you will be ready to submit your application early.  Admission to some universities is very competitive and it is to your benefit to apply early.

On ApplyTexas you can accomplish a multitude of tasks including:

  • Apply for admission to any Texas public university, as well as to participating community and private colleges.
  • Apply for undergraduate, international and graduate admission.
  • Copy a submitted application to another institution.
  • Submit your application essays online.
  • Apply for scholarships from participating universities.
  • Apply for housing with participating universities.
  • Search for and view both general and university specific information.
www.commonapp.org – is used for most private schools across the nation.  For out of state schoools, you can download an application from the institute's website freshmen admissions page.
Tips for College Admission Essay Writing

The college admissions essay can play a huge role in the college admissions process. At selective colleges, the essay can be the deciding factor when the admissions committee is making their decisions. The essay allows the admissions committee to get to know the applicant on a more personal level. The essay can also help the admissions committee determine if the college is a good fit for the student.

Below are three types of college admissions essay prompts you will find as you start applying to college.

About You

The ‘about you’ question will be phrased in many different ways, but they all want the same thing: ‘who are you?’ This question allows the admissions committee to get to know more about you than just your academic profile they found in your application. The ‘about you’ question is your opportunity to share what makes you a great candidate for the institutions. It is also a way to help you stand out from the crowd.

  • Don’t try to tell your life story. There is no way to share everything in the admissions essay. Instead, choose one or two topics that illustrate your best qualities.
  • Make sure the essay is unique. After writing the essay, read it back and ask yourself if another student could send in the same exact essay. If they could, add some specific details that makes the essay yours.
  • If the essay prompt uses the word ‘you’ or ‘your,’ such as all of the Common Application essay questions, it is an ‘about you” question. No matter what the question, always bring the essay back to you. Many students will get so focused on telling a story and forget about talking about them. For example, if an essay asks about an important person in your life, write about the person, but also share why they are important to you. Did they inspire you? Did they teach you something?
  • Be yourself. Don’t write what you think the admissions committee wants to read. For example, when asked what your favorite book is, share the real answer. Don’t pick a book that you think might make you seem more attractive. Instead, choose your actual favorite book. Essays where students are able to be themselves will flow much better and will sound more authentic. When you are trying to be someone else, it usually comes across that way.

Why Us?

Many colleges want to hear why you are considering them. The ‘why us?’ question lets the admissions committee see how serious a student is about attending the institution. At selective schools, if you are not serious about attending, they may not admit you. The questions may be phased differently, but they all want to know the same thing: why do you want to attend the institution?

  • Recycling college admissions essays is common. However, make sure the “why us” essay does not list a different institution. It happens. As a former admissions officer, quite a few “why us?” essays crossed my desk saying the student was excited to attend a different university. Admissions officers know you are applying to other schools, but you don’t need to let them know in the ‘why us?’ essay.
  • Don’t just repeat facts that are listed on the website or admissions publications. If a fact is important to you, explain why it is important to you.
  • As you reread your essay, ask yourself if the essay could be sent to other colleges? If there is nothing specific to the institution in the essay, you may want to consider adding more so that the essay could only be used for that institution.
  • The ‘Why us?’ essay is the perfect time to use names. Students can mention names of professors, students, academic programs, student organizations, and other items that are drawing them to the college. Being specific can show the admissions committee you did your research and you have a strong interest in the college.
  • Although many of the essay prompts do not ask, students should also include what they can contribute to the campus community. Colleges want to admit students who will be active inside and outside the classroom. By sharing what you can bring to the community, with the help of something the college offers, it could win over the admissions committee over when they are making their decisions.

Quirky questions

There are some colleges that ask quirky, interesting or unusual questions. For example, one of the University of Chicago’s questions is, “Orange is the new black, fifty is the new thirty, comedy is the new rock ‘n’ role, _______ is the new ________. What’s in, what’s out, why is it being replaced?” There is no right or wrong answer to these questions. They are thought provoking questions that are meant to get you thinking.

  • Show your personality. Be yourself. Just like all of the other questions, don’t write what you think the admissions committee wants to hear, but what you think and believe.
  • Just because it is a safe answer, doesn’t mean it is the best answer for you. Many students will be picking the safe answers for these types of questions and many of their essays will sound similar. Think outside the box when coming up with your answer to the prompt. Unique essays will make you stand out from the crowd, and standing out in the crowd during college admissions is a great advantage.