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Looking for a volunteer opportunity? - The Longview Public Library is always looking for volunteers, age 13-18, to help in the Youth Department.  Students may help with shelving materials, tidying the department, or help with programs for younger children.  No experience is necessary and we are more than happy to train volunteers.  We offer flexible hours and can work with the student’s schedule.  Also, we are happy to prepare recommendations for jobs, colleges or scholarships for our volunteers.  If you are interested, contact Monica Wood, the Youth Services Supervisor at (903)237-1027.


Labor Market and Career Information (LMCI) for HB5:  For the 28th consecutive year, LMCI will be operating a bilingual toll-free career information Hotline at 1-800-822-PLAN.  As an alternative to on-line career information resources, a student call to the Hotline will result in career information for up to three occupations or colleges of their choice; in addition to a handful of useful brochures on financial aid, finding the right job, and a pocket resume. 

On-Line Reality Check:  There is nothing more motivational than seeing the relevance between educational attainment and your earnings power.  Reality Check, www.texasrealitycheck.com, is designed to help you understand the connection between lifestyle aspirations and the importance of postsecondary education. Reality Check allows students to make lifestyle choices, create a budget, and then view the occupations and preferred education levels that support those choices.  There is also an APP for That!  Reality Check is available FREE in the iTunes store.
Texas CARES (www.texascaresonline.com):  This a multi-media career information system, designed to help students interactively address education and career exploration questions.  Texas CARES Online is a comprehensive career information system to guide your students through the college and career decision-making process, available to every student free of charge.
Texas Work Prep (www.texasworkprep.com):  This is an on-line job search tutorial product.  A visit to this site will allow a student to take an on-line course on tips for finding a job (Texas Job Hunters Guide) or being successful on the job (Succeed At Work). Each course takes less than two hours and can be used as an excellent exercise as part of a Career Orientation course. 

A NEWSFLASH from your Counselor…

Congratulations on completing the first semester of high school!  Now that the school year is in full swing, I want to touch base with you to give you a few pointers to make the rest of your freshman year a success! 

  • Download the Spring Hill APP on your smartphone. It is a one stop shop for accessing your grades, the school’s website, Panther Nation, Remind 101, Blue Brigade and more.
  • At the very least, make sure YOU and your parents have access to Skyward family. This is important to view grades, attendance, and class progress.  Download the Skyward App on your smartphone!  You need to be monitoring your grades on Skyward.
  • It is important to learn how to access my website as this is the easiest way for me to deliver information out to the entire class. Go to shisd.net and follow the link to High School/Counselors
  • Watch your absences!! It is your responsibility to come to school. If you are absent from class for any reason, get with your teacher to make up your work. State attendance laws require you to be in your seat attending each class 90% of each semester to earn credits. You cannot be successful in your classes if you are not at school.
  • Time management is important. With more and more freedom comes greater responsibility.  You must take care of your business.  If you miss school for an extracurricular activity, it is YOUR responsibility to get your make-up work.  Don’t just assume the teacher is going to hunt you down and beg you to make up your work. ALERT- they won’t.  Teachers expect YOU to be responsible for YOU!
  • Do your homework. Study for tests.  Stay awake in class. Turn in all assigned work. Monitor your own grades through Skyward.  It has been noticed that many 9th graders are NOT turning in their work and accepting ZEROS.  It is always better to turn in something for partial credit than accepting a ZERO.
  • If you are having trouble in a class, GO TO TUTORIALS. Tutorials start each morning at 7:45 am. Your teachers are available to help you. Each teacher will post their after school tutorial schedule outside their door. Don’t forget Thursday Night at the Library (Thursdays from 4:00-6:00) is also a great way to receive extra help, make up work or take tests due to absences, and make up time due to absences. 
  • YES, your freshman year absolutely DOES matter. Everything you are doing in class right now will be reflected on your transcript.  Take the most rigorous courses offered that you can handle academically. Your GPA begins in the 9th Be proud when I hand you your first transcript (next fall) for a job well done!
  • You will need 6 credits by the end of your freshman year to enter the 2024-2025 school year as a sophomore. If you don’t earn the credits…. You will be retained as a 9th grader and also repeat the failed class(s) or must attend summer school.  High school is different than all of your prior school experiences in that it is all about earning credits for graduation.
  • Start preparing now for your End of Course (EOC) Exams. Remember you have 5 exams that you MUST pass in order to graduate high school (Algebra 1, Biology, English 1, English 2, US History)
  • Become involved in some organization at Spring Hill. Your high school experience will be more meaningful if you are a part of a group.  No one is going to ask you to join, you must put yourself out there and become a member of one of the many organizations available.  The PACK is a great place to start!!!
  • LISTEN to the announcements every day. You will miss out on important information if you are not listening.
  • Be careful of social media (Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram). While these outlets may be fun and entertaining to some, they can cause you much heartache if they are abused.  Be respectful and mindful of what you post and how you comment.  Remember, what you post and how you comment today lasts FOREVER!  Employers and college and military recruiters will check your social media accounts and anything damaging can and will come back to haunt you!!!!
  • If you want to begin the search for a college major and career pathway – a great tool to use is Wayfinder - https://wayfinder.utexas.edu/

CLASS RANK:  The following courses shall carry grade points and be included in the calculation for class ranking: 

Eng 1

Hon Eng 1

Eng 2

Hon Eng 2

Eng 3

AP Eng 3

Eng 4


DC Eng 1301/1302

AP Art


Alg 1

(taken in HS)


Hon Geom

Alg 2

Hon Alg 2

Financial Math



AP Calculus

DCMath 1313/1342



Hon Biology


Hon Chemistry

Hon Physics


Forensic Science


AP Biology

AP Chemistry

W Geo

Hon W Geo

W Hist

AP W Hist

US Hist

AP US Hist

DCHist 1301/1302

Govt / Econ

AP Govt / AP Econ

DC Govt / DC Econ


Spanish 1

(taken in HS)

Spanish 2

Spanish 3

AP Seminar

AP Research


SHHS GPA SCALEThe GPA is the cumulative numerical average of final semester grades earned for completion of a high school diploma. The GPA provides a profile of a student’s overall performance in high school.

Numerical GPA TABLE:

100 4.0                  90   3.0                  80   2.0                  70   1.0                        

99   3.9                  89   2.9                   79   1.9                             

98   3.8                  88   2.8                  78   1.8

97   3.7                   87   2.7                   77   1.7

96   3.6                  86   2.6                   76   1.6

95   3.5                  85   2.5                   75   1.5

94   3.4                  84   2.4                   74   1.4

93   3.3                  83   2.3                   73   1.3

92   3.2                  82   2.2                  72   1.2

91   3.1                   81   2.1                    71   1.1  


Don’t hesitate to swing by my office anytime with questions or concerns.  For the next four years we will be working together toward the same goal…. GRADUATION 2027!  Have a great rest of your freshman year! – MRS. CHILDERS [email protected]