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Elevate K-12

The Elevate K-12 program is a system of teaching and learning that connects highly-qualified live, online instructors to students in a full-group classroom setting. The Elevate K-12 teachers will support your child in mastering the skills and concepts that are essential for success in their future educational endeavors. 


The Elevate K-12 program closely monitors the progress of every student individually in order to increase mastery and improve test scores. Students connect with a live, online instructor during a designated class period. Homework may be assigned by the instructor, and tests/quizzes will be given on a regular basis to assess student understanding. Your child will also be guided by an in-person classroom facilitator who will provide all necessary materials, resolve any technology issues, encourage active participation and engagement during the sessions, and monitor progress.

Elevate K-12 Features:

  • Texas certified teachers
  • Live, synchronous instruction 5 days per week
  • State curriculum standards with aligned lessons
  • Video camera and microphone allowing teacher/student communication in real time
  • Chat feature for individual student questions
  • Online portal for completing assignments and tests
  • Grading of all online assignments and tests


Tips to Help Your Child Succeed:

  • As with any of your child’s classes, attendance at Elevate K-12 sessions is one of the most important factors to a successful experience. Making sure your child is in school every day is one of the best things you can do for them. 
  • Ask your child about what they are learning with their live, online instructor, just like you would with any other class. Questions will help students reflect productively on their time spent with their instructor and may spark some great discussion.


Spring Hill ISD is committed to providing high-quality teaching and learning opportunities for students. The Elevate K-12 program is structured to deliver primary instruction, using technology to connect students with expert teachers. You can find out more about Elevate K-12 by visiting their website at or by clicking the links below. 


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If you have a specific question that you would like to have addressed, you can click here and submit your question using the Google form, or you can email the following administrators: