SHHS Students Participate In Regional Welding Competition


Spring Hill High School Welding Students recently participated in a Texas High School Welding Series (TXHSWS) Regional Welding Competition at Texas State Technical College in Marshall.


At the event high school students from across Texas participated in one of four competition levels based on the amount of time they have been in their high school's welding program. Spring Hill’s Devon Smith-Harris placed first and Chad Edsall placed second in Level 2. 


Additionally, Devon Smith-Harris, Chad Edsall and Ben Cockrell qualified to receive an American Welding Society certification.


Students representing Spring Hill at the competition included Ben Cockrell, Trevor West, Caitlin Foster, Devon Smith-Harris, Talan Ferguson, Gage White, Caleb Currie, Chad Edsall, Samuel Loy, Matthew Pecot, and Hunter Williams.


Great job!