HB 114 Update

Parents and Guardians:

The 88th Texas Legislative session passed H.B. 114 and adds the following to the Texas Education Code:
...a student SHALL be removed from class and PLACED IN A DISCIPLINARY ALTERNATIVE EDUCATION PROGRAM... if the student:
possess, uses, sells, gives, or delivers to another person an e-cigarette within 300 feet of school property...or while attending a school-sponsored or school related activity on or off school property.

With the passage of this new legislation the student code of conduct is updated to make vaping violations result in removal from campus and placement at a disciplinary alternative education program (DAEP) on the first offense. The legislation also clarifies that vaping at school sponsored events off of campus, including district vehicles, will result in a DAEP placement.

Parents, please discuss with your child both the negative effects of using a vape or e-cigarette and the consequences of possessing a vape or e-cigarette on campus or campus sponsored events.

Parents can find anti-vaping resources at the Texas Department of Health and Human Services.