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Technology Information for Teachers

Every teacher is required to create a website.
I have created Edlio logins for all of our teachers and counselors. If you are new and are not sure if you have an account with Edlio, you can simply look at the staff directory on your assigned campus website to see if you are listed there. Teacher logins consist of first initial and last name, and you may reset your password at any time. by clicking "forgot password" to get a password reset link. If you are not listed in the staff directory, please email me at The following are the links that should be used to login and create the new sites. 
High School:
Junior High:
After logging in, you should see a PAGES icon in the top, right area of the page. 
Choose to ADD A PAGE.
Choose to add a BLANK PAGE.
Then choose to add ABC CONTENT.
Optionally, you may choose to link a Google Site to your Edlio page if you are more comfortable with that.
Choose to ADD A PAGE.
Then paste your Google Sites link into the space provided.


LESSON PLANS (High School Teachers Only)


This is intended to help teachers understand how to utilize the shared High School Lesson Plans folder in the easiest and most efficient way. You can VIEW everyone’s lesson plans, but you can only EDIT your own. Additionally, I granted permission for people on the web to VIEW your lesson plans if they have the link. You will have to put the link for your lesson plans on your web page. Hopefully, the following instructions will simplify things for many of us.

  1. Teachers can save lesson plans in ONE place, and we will not need to print them. Save them in your own personal folders in the High School Lesson Plans shared folder at the following link.
  2. You will only need to link these lesson plans on your teacher page ONE TIME. To do this:
  3. Right-click on the folder with YOUR name under the shared High School Lesson Plans folder, choose the “Share” option, and choose “Copy link.”
  4. Go to your teacher web page at Edlio ( where you want the link, and type some text to explain what the link is, like “LESSON PLANS.”
  5. Highlight the text you just typed (LESSON PLANS or whatever you chose to call it), and choose the link symbol from the edit bar.
  6. Paste (Ctrl V) the link you previously copied into the appropriate box.
  7. Make sure you publish your page. All lesson plans you put in the folder will automatically be viewable by anyone who goes to your website.
  8. You may use whatever type of format you want for your lesson plans, but they must be done weekly and put into your shared folder. Here is a link to some templates I have used in the past.

As always, let me know if you have questions.